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Fluid Flush: For What and When

Fluid flushes are necessary for a variety of key components to your vehicle. A fluid flush is removing the old fluid and replacing it with new fluid.  There may also be a cleansing step before replacement of the fluid depending on the condition of the car and part.  The cleansing process removes potential damage from any accumulated grime or grit. The numerous, mechanical systems may individually require fluids for purposes of lubrication, or it could be for cooling. To identify if your car is being maintained or any component is in need of a fluid flush, see a certified technician at your automotive shop for maintenance and diagnostics.

Types of Fluid Flush

As previously touched upon, there a variety of car parts that will require a fluid flush as a part of their maintenance that any car owner should be wary of if they value the longevity of their car and driving experience overall. Necessary automotive-related fluid flushes include:

  • Automatic Transmission
  • Power Steering
  • Differential
  • Coolant
  • Brake

Coolant Flush

The cooling system consists of multiple moving parts, so if unclean, the cooling system’s processes can be inefficient.   If there is an issue in the cooling system the engine can potentially be damaged, which can result in far more costly damage than a flush.  The water pump, radiator, and thermostat are just three of several parts of the cooling system that require a coolant fluid flush for maintenance.

Power Steering

Another common repair is a fluid flush of your vehicle’s power steering system. The fluid can become overflown with particles after use. Those particles can become stuck on the power steering pump. This is dangerous as the power steering system has to be clean and fully operable, so you are easily in control of your vehicle. If uncleaned, you risk damage to the pump as ell which will require replacement as opposed to a simple flush.

Fluid Flush Immediacy

Maintenance is the key to preserving a vehicle. It is important to be aware that not all repairs will be extensive but are necessary to upkeep to prevent the need for further costly repairs due to permanent damage. It is also important to remember that a fluid flush on one component of a car is ensuring damage will be avoided to multiple working parts. If sensing an issue with any of the various systems or recalling you have not maintained the cleanliness of your systems, see a certified mechanic promptly for the safety of your driving experience and preservation of your vehicle.

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