Tips For Maintaining Your Car Battery

Tips For Maintaining Your Car Battery

Imagine not being able to use your AC, radio, or phone charger with while driving. What about providing electricity to start your car? These are just a few of the features that wouldn’t be available without the efforts of your car battery. With so many parts in your vehicle to be worried about, it’s easy to forget about the maintenance of your car’s battery. We thought we’d help you out and provide some more valuable information on how to make your car battery last longer.

Car Battery Life

Your car battery lifespan typically ranges between 2-5 years depending on several different factors, many of which that are out your control. The climate in which you are driving in has the highest influence in depicting your batteries longevity. Hot weather usually means that your engine is also rising in temperature, shortening your car battery life. The heat exhausts your battery’s energy rapidly. Overtime, this takes a huge toll on your battery if no adjustments are made.

To ensure a long lasting car battery, follow these tips:

  • Test your battery routinely
  • Don’t use your lights as much
  • Check on your battery every so often
  • Take as little short drives as possible
  • Limit electricity usage in your car

Dealing With Battery Sulfation

The process of battery sulfation impacts your car battery performance greatly. The expansion of sulfate crystals prevent a certain chemical reaction from occurring. This chemical reaction is what allows the battery to store it’s energy. The bigger that the crystals get, the harder they are to break down. Sulfation takes place when the battery voltage decreases to below 12.6 volts, leading to premature battery failure.

One of the only ways to fix battery sulfation is to use a charger with de-sulfating powers. This charger consistently dissolves sulfate crystals and charges them back to their normal condition.

Save Your Car Battery Before It’s Too Late

If you are experiencing car battery issues and are unsure if you’re handling it correctly, let us take care of it for you! You don’t want to find yourself stuck on the side of the road when it could have been prevented. We have technicians that have many years of training with car batteries and will repair your battery in no time. Give us a call today!

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