Power Steering Pump Repair Near Me

Steering and Suspension repair services iN RICHARDSON, TX

Driving should be a smooth experience, but when your steering and suspension systems start failing, it can turn into a bumpy and unsafe journey. The significance of a properly functioning steering and suspension system goes beyond just comfort; it's about your safety on the road. At Northrich Automotive in Richardson, our experienced and professional power steering repair services ensure your vehicle remains highly functional and safe. Whether you're facing issues with your power steering pump or need a comprehensive suspension check, our team is here to help.

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What Causes Power Steering Problems?


Power steering problems can arise from various issues, including contaminated fluid, low fluid levels, broken belts, a damaged steering pump, and worn-out joints and bolts. These components are crucial for smooth handling and driving comfort. At Northrich Automotive, we specialize in diagnosing and repairing steering and suspension systems for all vehicle types, ensuring your drive is always smooth and safe.


Our Steering and Suspension Repair Services

Power Steering Pump Repair Near Me

The power steering pump is integral to your vehicle's steering system, facilitating effortless steering. At Northrich Automotive, we excel in diagnosing and repairing power steering pump issues, ensuring quick and reliable service. Trust us for expert diagnosis and accurate, reliable repairs.


Power Steering Flush

Regular power steering flushes are crucial for maintaining a healthy steering system. They ensure that your power steering fluid is clean, which is essential for the smooth operation of your steering system. At Northrich Automotive, we adhere to manufacturer specifications and industry best practices, using quality fluids and parts for every vehicle type.


Ball Joint Replacement

Ball joints are pivotal in your suspension system, allowing your wheels to move smoothly. Our expertise in replacing ball joints involves thorough inspection, cleaning, and, if necessary, replacing them with quality parts, significantly improving handling and safety.


Struts Replacement

Struts play a vital role in your vehicle's suspension system, affecting ride comfort and handling. At Northrich Automotive, we conduct a thorough inspection and expert installation, ensuring each struts replacement is performed to the highest standards for improved ride comfort and handling.


Suspension Inspection

Regular suspension inspections are key to your vehicle's overall health. Our comprehensive checks ensure that all components of your suspension system are in top condition, addressing any issues before they become bigger problems.


Sway Bar Link Replacement

Sway bar links are essential for stabilizing your vehicle during turns. We specialize in replacing sway bar links with precision, enhancing the stability and handling of your vehicle.


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