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Why Checking Your Coolant Is Important

Why Checking Your Coolant Is Important

Why Checking Your Coolant Is Important Engines take on a huge workload. Understandably, this causes your engine to get extremely hot. The radiator works to regulate the engine’s temperature to prevent it from overheating. The radiator can’t do it’s job without coolant because it stops the liquid in the radiator from freezing once the temperature gets down to a freezing point.  Vital fluids such as coolant and refrigerant can affect the performance of your vehicle. Not being aware of the status of these systems can lead to inefficiencies, unnecessary strain, and eventual mechanical breakdown. What Is A Cooling System? Although gasoline engines have improved a lot, they are still not very efficient at turning chemical energy into mechanical power. Most of the energy in the gasoline (perhaps 7­0%) is converted into heat, and it is the job of the cooling system to take care of that heat. In fact, the cooling system on a car driving down the freeway dissipates ... read more

Why and when your spark plugs should be repaired or replaced

Why and when your spark plugs should be repaired or replaced   Spark plugs play an instrumental part in powering up your vehicle. It is essential for the safety of the driver as well as the life of your vehicle that they are in good condition.  Disastrous misfires can occur if a vehicle is started when they need replacing.  As a result, very costly repairs can follow because driving with misfiring spark plugs can put excessive, inordinate stress on a vehicle’s catalytic converter, which is an engine’s exhaust cleaner.   How do spark plugs operate?  A spark plug by definition is a device that transports electric current from the ignition system of a vehicle to the combustion chamber of a spark-ignition engine.  That transportation ignites the mixture of the compressed fuel and air by an electric spark, while containing combustion pressure within the engine. They only remove heat and cannot create it. They operate as a heat exchanger pulling ... read more

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